Take Control Of Your Unhealthy Lifestyle

Are you struggling with your health and feel like you don’t have the support to make changes to improve your life?

Working with me can…

  • Educate you on how environmental toxins affect your health and empower you to make healthy changes.
  • Help you feel confident and excited about your food choices, nourishing your body and keeping it at a healthy weight that feels good for you. 
  • Inspire you to make changes to your life and focus on your health.
  • Help you feel supported and heard. I will be by your side to navigate the challenges and steps ahead. You are moving forward with a clear plan and achieving your goals. 

If you’re ready to take action and work with someone who’s going to educate, inspire and support you through the health and lifestyle changes necessary to reach your goals, click the button below to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me!


Meet Your Holistic Health Coach

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here! My passion for health began when I was a young mother of three children with health issues, one with multiple problems. At that time we were dealing with anaphylactic food allergies and food sensitivities, digestive problems, mental health issues, speech and learning delays as well as immune dysfunction. Add to that my health concerns of thyroid imbalance and heart arrhythmias.  After feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to turn,  I found the most amazing holistic medical doctor who changed not only the lives of my children, but also my own…

Work With Me

Food and lifestyle review

A 90-minute session reviewing your current food and lifestyle choices with recommendations on changes you can make.

3 Month Health Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your unhealthy lifestyle and ready to commit to making changes with a partner who's been in your shoes?

Foundations of Wellness

This is an 8-week small group virtual health coaching program that consists of weekly group Zoom support sessions and access to online educational modules.

The Transformation


“Sarah helped me identify blind spots in my health research and areas of interest. She is knowledgeable, inspiring and fun to work with. She helped me improve my habits and health without stressing me out.”

Judy B. - Colorado

“Sarah has been great to work with. She is very supportive, offers great guidance and is very easy to talk to. She has a light and uplifting way of being while still holding me accountable and gently pushing me to be better. She is an excellent listener and has great suggestions in moving health to the next level.”

Rochelle L. - California

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