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Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Sarah, wife and mom of three. My passion for health began when all three of my children presented with health issues, one who had multiple difficulties. During this time we were dealing with anaphylactic food allergies and food sensitivities, digestive problems, heavy metal toxicity, mental health issues, speech and learning delays as well as immune dysfunction. All of this on top of my own health concerns of thyroid imbalance and heart arrhythmias.  I was feeling overwhelmed and had no idea where to turn.  After a lengthy search, I found the most amazing holistic medical doctor who changed not only the lives of my children, but also my own. I spent several years taking my children to appointments with him and in the process developed a passion for holistic health. I absorbed everything he taught us from how food and toxins affect your body to the ins and outs of lab testing and how it contributed to your health. This experience literally changed my life.

I discovered a passion in helping others achieve optimal health while supporting them in making lasting changes. After the kids were grown, I decided to get certified as a holistic health coach with the Institute of Functional Health Coaching and the rest is history. Helping others fills my soul with a deep satisfaction that I never imagined. I’m able to serve clients virtually anywhere in the world who are passionate about becoming the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. Some of the topics I educate and coach clients on include food choices, movement, sleep, stress, losing weight and removing environmental toxins. I offer all my clients research, guidance, inspiration and support in reaching their goals.

When I’m not coaching clients I love traveling, spending time with my family and having fun in the kitchen developing whole food recipes. I love food, it’s one of the greatest pleasures of life. I believe in real food, nutrient-dense ingredients and clean eating. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or flavorless! I can’t wait to meet with you and set a plan to help you reach your goals!

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